r c carpet care
r c carpet care
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r c carpet care

Carpet cleaning:

Your best defense for your dirty carpets is your vacuum. Vacuum regularly! Then as the carpet manufactures recommend call us once a year for a good deep cleaning.

Some warrantees require it.

Repairs: Does your carpet have wrinkles? Seams coming apart? We do stretching and small repairs. We can do a bonded insert where we cut out a bad spot and replace it using carpet from a closet .

r c carpet care

Oriental rugs:

Both our technicians are certified to clean orientals-as well as all other area rugs. They are tested for color fastness, cleaned, rinsed, dried and returned in as fast a turn around time as possible.

Pick up and delivery is free.

r c carpet care


Vacuuming is a good start to keeping your furniture in tip top shape.

We test fabrics to make sure they are color fast, and clean them with the cleaning products that best suit the fabric. We also offer fabric protectors.

Don’t forget your pets-Cat trees and dog beds.

r c carpet care

Tile & Grout floors:

Need your tile floors freshened up? - We have the Viper.-

It is a small contained pressure washer for the home. Viper venom is applied first and then the hot water. Great before and after results.

Works great on patios and slabs.